Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl, Happy Ending, and Free Beer?

I had a great time with friends Sunday watching the game at Carolina Ale House. After selecting my burger I had the tough choice of what beer to order. My friend Jason and I walked to check out the taps. I was intrigued by a beer I hadn’t seen before, Sweetwater’s Happy Ending. So we looked it up to find it’s an imperial stout, so we gave it a try. My favorite part was Jason not asking the male waiter for it but waiting for me to get one and then pointing to mine. Why so shy Jason? :-P

The other highlight, other than the Packers victory, was the free beer, well so you’d think….. A waitress came around with a bucket of Miller Light. She offered it to our table, and I declined. She said “it’s free”. I guess she didn’t realize she was dealing with a beer snob and she would have to pay me to drink a Miller Light. Where’s the free good beer?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Beginning

I love good beer. I know many people say that but it has really become a passion of mine. At the urging of my friends, I have decided to post my thoughts and adventures with good beer (primarily Belgian).  
So here’s the beginning. It started a few years ago. I was the typical non beer drinker drinking “beer” such as Bud Light. I was like any other casual drinker. Through a friend, I started sampling Belgian beers and was hooked. This progressed into a two week Belgian beer tasting tour and becoming a complete beer snob.
This blog is about my past adventures and those I have yet to experience. I hope to reach out to fellow beer lovers and share my passion and learn from others. Cheers!

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